Instruction manual watches

KYBOE ! watches currently come in three main lines:
the basic 3 hands with light, the giant calender and the giant chrograph.
Please click on the image to your left for our detailed instructions!

For your information: Our watches can take 10 ATM, this means that the watch can be worn around household sinks, while playing sports and while swimming, poolside diving or snorkeling. This does not mean that you can wear your watch while scuba diving.

Return and repair watches

For 'return and repair' services we kindly refer you to our official distributor in your country. Please find your contact via our 'countries' page on this website.

Warranty watches

We guarantee your watch against any manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. For your warranty to be effective, it is essential that the store where you purchased your KYBOE ! should fill in and sign the warranty form indicating the date of purchase. Your watch is a small precision instrument intended to serve you for many years. To maximize your enjoyment, avoid shock, abrasive and corrosive material, and change battery as soon as the batteries (one battery for movement and one battery for LED light) run out. Leaving an empty battery inside the watch is one of the main causes of defect and is not covered by this warranty.

For warranty please check official distributor in your country.