Have you seen our new Rose Gold’s?


In stores now! the Rose Gold mint and light blue versions.

Need a new strap?

Don’t worry, we’ve got them in all colors! Contact your local distributor or contact us directly by emailing info@kyboe.com


KYBOE ! Newsletter!

Dear KYBOE ! Fans,

We are currently in the middle of creating a KYBOE ! Newsletter. If you take a look at the menu on the left you will see a tab called “newsletter”, go here to subscribe and wait for our first newsletter filled with information, new promotions and everything KYBOE ! has to offer!


The KYBOE ! Team

World Cup KYBOE ! Fever!

With the current field hockey world cup in action, and this weeks World cup football starting , KYBOE ! is ready to present to you what we call KYBOE ! World Cup fever!

We present to you…with our support for the Dutch as a Dutch brand…




As we progress into this years World Cups,  show your support for all the teams and sports….but most of all HUP HOLLAND HUP!

What do you do when you wake up?

There’s nothing like a good cup of coffee in the morning.  But then again, you wouldn’t want to be late for work!


Drink up and make sure to check the time with your KYBOE ! watch!

Watch Before You Dress!